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Renovated and Remodeled!!

The Mission Village Laundry has been in this location for over 30 years.  Recently we have completely remodeled the interior of our laundry.  The flooring was replaced, we painted the place and added new stainless folding tables.  We have tons of folding space so you can quickly wrap up your laundry task when the clothes are dry.   You can be in and out of the laundry in as quick as 1 hour!!  We pride ourselves in being the Cleanest Laundry in Town!!

The Washers

We added new white double sized front load washers that are flexible in the type and length of wash you need, based on how dirty your clothes are.  Try our the POWER WASH feature.  For only .50 cents more you get an extra wash bath and an extra rinse.  These are great for the dirtiest of loads.

Do you have Big Items, comforters, blankets or rugs to wash?  How about just tons of clothes??  We have the washers for you.  We have 7 extra high capacity washers that will hold up to 4 loads of clothes.  Choose the regular wash on the Continental washers and you can be done in washing in as few as 30 minutes.

The Dryers

What about he Dryers you ask….. Yup we have plenty of those.  There are Extra High Capacity dryers for all of your blankets, comforters or just tons of laundry.  Our stacked dryers work great too and you can choose the heat setting that is just right for your clothes.  All of our dryer are well taken care of and cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule.  They are all set to the same temperatures so any one will do for your needs.  Just load them 1/2 full and you will never have a problem getting your load dried in a short amount of time.

Check us Out

See photos of our laundry below and check out our pricing too!  Thank you for coming to visit the Mission Village Laundry!


Washer and Dryer Pricing


Washers – Wash cycles starting at 28 minutes

Double Front Load Washers – 3.25 – Power Wash – 3.75

Triple Plus Front Load Washers – 6.25

Extra High Capacity Front Load Washer – 7.25 – Deluxe Wash – 7.75 – Ultimate Wash 8.25


Dryers – Dry times starting at 25 minutes for a medium sized load

Stacked and Front Load Dryers – .25 cents per 5 minus of dry time

Extra High Capacity Dryers – .25 per 4 minutes of dry time


Curious about how to use a specific washer?  Need a little extra help?  We have attendants on duty during the day and early evening Monday thru Friday and mid-morning to mid-afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.  We are here to help……just grab one of us….or ask nicely…..and we will be happy to give you a hand getting started.

Tired of doing the laundry yourself?  You know we off a reasonably price Drop Off Laundry Service! It is super simple and easy to use.  Check out our Drop Off Laundry page here and we will be happy to take care of the work for you.  All of that and just in 4 mins for you!!